What's the biggest missed opportunity in science fiction history?

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Science fiction's past is full of possibilities that never quite materialized. Movies that didn't get made. Crossovers that didn't happen — like the Doctor Who/Star Trek: Enterprise crossover that was talked about. But what's your most tantalizing "might have been" from science fiction history?


Please include a picture or some kind of audiovisual indicator to help us appreciate the lost glory of your alternate-history event. And for good measure, please throw in some details. Thanks!


TARDIS image via SpaceEngine.org.

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Star Trek: Voyager - the whole series should have been a slow degrading of the ship and crew - what they did for the "Year of Hell" episodes (without magically fixing it all). By the end of the series the crew should have been a beaten band of survivors (and half new additions picked up on the way) limping home on a patched together ship that was barely recognizable as a Starfleet vessel.