Danish sperm may be the lowest quality sperm in the world. At least, that's one data point you could pull from a study of how alcohol consumption affects sperm counts. The researchers — Danish, of course — call the results "troubling."

Over at the Washington Post, Rachel Feltman reports:

In the study, men who drank an average of five to 10 units (one beer, glass of wine, or 40mL of liquor) of alcohol a week had a slight decrease in sperm concentration, total sperm count, and percentage of healthy and normal sperm in the samples they provided.

The effect became much more pronounced at 25 units a week (3.5 drinks a day) and men who consumed 40 units a week on average had a 33 percent reduction in sperm concentration compared to the lightest drinkers ...

Young Danes drink more than any other youth in Europe, [researcher Tina Kold] Jensen says, so the findings are particularly worrisome in her own country. "But the effect was there, albeit smaller, with just five units a week," she said, "so it's troubling."


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