What's Science Fiction's Answer To Paranormal Romance?

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Face it, genre fans — paranormal romance rules the world. Twilight conquered books and movies, and now Campire... sorry, Vampire Diaries is on television. What should science fiction's version of a love story about vampires (or werewolves, or demons) be?

Of course there's always this:

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There were a bunch of movies in the 1980's with an interesting sci-fi subject matter that hasn't been revisited seriously.

Essentially, these movies took the Turing test to a new level- Human beings falling in love with computers who had deceived them into thinking they were human.

An example of this was the campy, cheesy, and difficult to withstand Electric Dreams.

Weird Science also used an element of this for its plot. It was never really clear what Lisa was other than that she was somehow programmed to exist. Her humanity was a mystery.

This would make an interesting plot thread.