What's Scarier: The Newest Transformers, Or Ali Larter's Outfit In Heroes?

Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Reading spoilers is a powerful celebration of our faith that tomorrow's media can be better than today's. Renew your faith in the future by watching new videos from Get Smart, Incredible Hulk, Fringe and Doctor Who. (And then have your faith shattered totally by awful set pics from Heroes season three. Oh well.) Speaking of keeping the faith, some guy named Chaingun wandered around Bethlehem, PA at four in the morning, just so you could have a few snippets of Transformers 2 info, including some truly bizarre new Transformers. There's also new info on The Middleman, and a ton of reports about Smallville season eight. Light a candle, and read some spoilers below.

Get Smart:

Here's a new Get Smart trailer, that includes a ton of awesome new footage, including a weird Kim Jong-Il joke. I'm already starting to forget there was ever a movie with "Almighty" in the title.


Transformers 2:

Some guy (who was hanging around at 4:00 AM looking for info) got some details of the Transformers filming: there are some new Transformers, including a red Acura NSX, a grey and black Audi RS6, and an old Chinese ice-cream truck that splits into two Autobots. (Really. An ice-cream truck double-Autobot.) There's a scene where a Hummer in a military convoy gets flipped over, and a firefight ensues. In another scene, Megan Fox and Tyrese get chased up the stairs that run along the steel plant's blast furnace. [Seibertron]

Incredible Hulk:

Another new Incredible Hulk TV spot was airing on the Sci Fi Channel today. Among the bits that I think are new: A very stoned guy describes the Hulk, and maybe coins his name for the first time. Liv Tyler's Betty seems a tad whiny. We get to hear the Abomination talk. And the Hulk does his trademark super-destructive handclap (near the end of the clip.)



What would make you excited about Heroes season three? If you answered, "Ali Larter dressed as a cheap hooker," then you're the show's new target demographic. Someone caught a few seconds of footage of the show's filming, in which she's out on the street in an over-the-top outfit, and then she gets handcuffed by a man in uniform. Which of her personalities is this one, do you think? [Hollywood Bubble]


The Middleman:

Among the monsters that The Middleman and his sidekick Wendy fight are: ancient Chinese terracotta warriors, aliens, succubi and a gorilla. Wendy has a special Middleman uniform she wears to fight crime, but sometimes the call comes when she's lounging around in her leisurewear. (What are you gonna do?) Her friends start to suspect something when they see her toting a gun around. She's not your typical sidekick, and is more of a female Han Solo-type character, says actor Natalie Morales. [Slice Of Scifi]

Doctor Who:

Here's a new clip from this Saturday's Doctor Who episode. I literally found myself shouting at the screen when it ended at the worst possible moment. What do you want to bet we don't actually find out what she whispers to the Doctor on Saturday, if ever? [Ebbyzone]



A ton of new Smallville season eight spoilers have come out. Clark learns about a new superpower, and finds a new love interest halfway through the season, which makes Lois take another look at him. Lois will be in 13 of the season's episodes, and will be "a little catty" with a new female character. (That new villain, Tess, or someone else?) Lana may be back for six or seven episodes, which will wrap up her story arc forever. The Martian Manhunter will only be back for a couple of episodes, and we'll see the Justice League again — with three new members.


Lex won't be back at all, but producers are still hoping Michael Rosenbaum will agree to turn up in the show's final episode, so he can turn out to be the evil mastermind behind everything that's happened. Brainiac will also be back for a couple of episodes.

We'll see Martha Kent again. And Chloe will mention that she's been in touch with someone surprising. And the show will break one of its own rules towards the end of the season. [SpoilerTV]


Also, a new audition scene has turned up for Tess, that new villain who's going to play a major role in season eight. Tess is speaking with Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow, and she says she knew Lex "before," but didn't realize what bad things he'd been up to all these years. Oliver says he's sorry the state declared Lex dead. Tess doesn't believe Ollie, considering what he thought of Lex. But Ollie says he never wanted Lex dead, scumbag though he was.

Tess won't believe that the Lex she knew could be such a bad guy, but Ollie tries to convince her that the "good Lex" didn't really exist. Tess says maybe Oliver doesn't understand what it's like to get to a point where you just give up on yourself. And then she decides that actually, maybe Oliver does understand after all. She winds up asking Ollie to let her hold onto the Lex she knew. [Chocolate 84]



Here are a couple of new TV spots for Fringe, J.J. Abrams' new FBI/mad-science show. [Spoiler Geeks]

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