What's on your shopping list this holiday season?

For the past week, we've been working on crafting a master list of the perfect gifts for all the science fiction fans, movie completists, art lovers and comic aficionados in your life. Now, come with us on a choose your own gift guide adventure, and tell us just what's on the top of your holiday gift list this season?

Maybe you've finally cracked the code of how to crush your competition in Secret Santa, or maybe you have one gift that you're coveting in multiples for everyone on your shopping lift. Maybe you have a gift you're planning on getting for yourself (after all, you know what you love more than anybody).


Whether it's because you've finally found the perfect gift for the friends and family members in your life, or because everyone keeps ignoring your hints about the underrated festivity of cash in an envelope, tell us what the best gifts are this holiday season. Please also tell us what about this gift makes it perfect, who the lucky recipient is, and include a picture too, for oohing and aahing purposes.

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