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What's J.J. Abrams' Next Mystery Project?

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Buried deep down in the bottom of New York Times' interview with Paramount's Chariman Brad Grey was the news that neither the Star Trek sequel nor Mission Impossible 4 may be J.J. Abrams' next film project. But what is?


In the NYT article Grey leaks out a little news in regards to Star Trek 2 and MI:4.

As for J. J. Abrams, a producer and the director of "Star Trek," Mr. Grey is looking for "Star Trek 2." And "Mission: Impossible IV." And possibly before either, what he called another "tentpole" film to be directed by Mr. Abrams, and yet to be announced.

"We have been wildly ambitious," Mr. Grey said of his plans. "It has much to do with the fact that we are feeling as strong as we are."


At first we thought it was Mystery on Fifth Avenue, which Paramount has the rights to, and which is based on the story of a real-life wealthy Manhattan couple, who hired an architect to re-do their entire apartment with puzzles, compartments, messages, poems, codes and games for their four kids. But the architect went the extra mile and built clues all over the place, revealing books, music and lots of other crazy National Treasure-esque surprises in the apartment. It sounds great, but we wouldn't really attach the term "tent-pole" to that type of production.

Instead, we think this is just one more clue behind the J.J. Abrams "Untitled Project" which Paramount bought for $2 million. The last we've heard about this endeavor was that Simon Kinberg, writer of Sherlock Holmes and X-Men 3, and Aline Brosh McKenna of The Devil Wears Prada had both been brought on board.

We're not sure which one it will be, if any, but it sounds as though with Trek 2 already pushed back from its original 2011 target, the next outing for the Enterprise crew may be getting delayed even further.

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I was one of the people that was completely sucked into the "Cloverfield" ARG. over 6 months of checking the forums every single day. After the I saw the movie during a midnight screening I came to the conclusion that Abrams is grossly overhyped. Having said that I'll be watching the last season of "Lost" . . . and am waiting for a Cloverfield sequel. so yeah, essentially I watch them make the lemonade, i see them use crappy ingredients, I buy it and drink it, hate it and buy some more. *sigh*