What's inside the shells of Michael Bay's CG Ninja Turtles?

Illustration for article titled Whats inside the shells of Michael Bays CG Ninja Turtles?

Not exploding strippers, although that would be a reasonable mistake. Nope, it'sjust four pretty boy actors in rather bulky mo-cap suits, complete with mo-cap shells. And I assume those guys in black around them are our first look at the evil Foot ninja, although with Bay you never really know.


Whoever they are, I imagine their nefarious plan is to stop April O'Neil from jumping on her trampoline. Truly, is there a more heinous act that can be committed in a Michael Bay flick? Besides not exploding?


There plenty more pics of the Foot and the nude Turtles over at Comic Book Movie.

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Megan Fox on a trampoline is the subtle kind of eroticism I enjoyed when I was 13.