What's Does A Race Car Tell Us About Iron Man 2? And What's Lost's Next Weird Plot Device?

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Spoilers illuminate your entertainment future! Today, there's a photo of a super-car from the Iron Man 2 set, plus some District 9/Zombieland action scenes described. Plus Caprica, Lost, Fringe, Eureka, Warehouse 13, True Blood, Smallville and Heroes mega-spoilers.

Iron Man 2:

The sequel features a special Stark Industries race car which competes in the Grand Prix de Monaco Historique, a venerable race in Monte Carlo. Everyone's assuming that Tony Stark takes part in this race, but since it's sort of a 1970s looking car, I'm wondering if it's his dad Howard Stark? More pics at the link. [Road And Track via Comic Book Resources]


District 9:

Someone got an advance look at the new trailer for this August release. Among other things, it includes a couple of human bureaucrats tagging along on a raid of the aliens' homes in District 9. One of the bureaucrats puts on a bulletproof vest, and the other one says "I thought I was getting a vest." Don't worry about it, replies the first, you won't need it. Later the vestless guy in a suit picks up a mysterious alien canister and it sprays him with something. Then we see him strapped to a table and thrashing as military people try to hold him down. Later, he's being med-evaced on a chopper, strapped upright to a table, with electrode pads all over his chest. And a close-up of his clenched fist shows something metal attached to his wrist, and he may be in the middle of some kind of transformation. And finally, he's in some kind of decontamination bag looking sickly.


There's also more footage of soldiers and aliens during the raid, as a voiceover says "Nobody knew what this place was." And we see some kind of robot powersuit, similar to Iron Man or Ripley's loader in Aliens. The power suit makes a fantastic leap, and looks menacing. A soldier fires a rocket at the alien mothership, and the robot suit jumps up and deflects it. Voiceovers say things like "Get the freak," "It's gonna be quick," "It's gonna be clean," "It's going to be quiet." And the last shot is the alien mothership, with helicopters approaching it, as a voiceover says "There's a lot of secrets in District 9."


This movie was partly shot at the Valdosta's Wild Adventures theme park, and at one point Woody Harrelson uses the "Rattler" ride to destroy some zombies. The theme-park scenes take place at night. [Valdosta Daily Times]



Yes, this BSG spinoff is finally working on its second episode, airing next year. According to a casting call, the episode entitled "Rebirth" will introduce us to Buster Sarno, a TV host similar to Letterman or Leno, but with a bit of Jon Stewart's political edge, added to a retro Dick Cavett sensibility. We'll see him monologuing on the day's events, on his show "Backtalk with Buster Sarno." [SpoilerTV]



Producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof promise there's a master plan, with some "sweet payoffs." And they hint, once again, that a lot of dead and/or vanished characters will be making reappearances in the final season. "The final season will resemble the first," predicts Michael Emerson. And along those lines, Ian Somerhalder says he may reappear as Boone. "There's definitely an avenue they're going down to bring back a lot of us." Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but the idea of "going down an avenue" sounds a bit more significant than just "Hurley seeing dead people." [TV Guide Magazine and TV Guide Magazine]



A new set pic. What do you think Pacey is handing to Lance? More pics at the link. [SpoilerTV]


Warehouse 13:

In the pilot episode, the college kid who beats up his girlfriend does so while chanting in Italian, a sure sign that evil is afoot. But the boyfriend turns out not to be evil — the main suspects are a evasive professor, and an "eerie rich lady." The show serves up a weird mix, with a mysterious death followed by a joke followed by an unnerving encounter followed by clever dialogue followed by a hallucination. At the end of the episode, demons are running wild and madness is in the air, and Pete Lattimer turns the whole thing into a goofy joke. [Salon]


Eddie McClintock explains the underpinnings of his character, Pete Lattimer:

Pete's father died when he was young. He's taken on a lot of guilt for that. It's caused him to be very driven, but at the same time it's caused him to be very reckless and self-destructive. He had some problems with drinking in college, but he's sober now and we touch on that a little bit, which I think is great. For a dramedy, to have the guy be a recovering alcoholic, it just gives the character so much depth.

The people around him Artie and Pete have a kind of father-son relationship, and Artie sees and understands Myka's flaws and strong points and whatnot. So he's a great sounding board for both characters. In one episode he says to me, 'You need to be in charge. You're more grounded. Don't let Myka know that I told you.' Then he goes to Myka and says the same thing, because he wants to get the best out of both characters.


[The Reading Eagle]

The mystical artifacts you see in the show include Lewis Carroll's mirror, which allows Myka to kick up her heels a bit. In one episode, "Breakdown," the characters end up trapped in the warehouse. At some point, we explore the Dark Vault in the warehouse, where the most dangerous stuff is kept. And the Gooery, which pumps the purple goo needed to keep objects in line. Plus there's the "bronze sector," where some of the world's most dangerous people have been preserved. But we won't be seeing Hitler's mind-controlling microphone any time soon. [Sci Fi Wire]



In the season opener, "Savior," Emil Hamilton reappears and has a scene with Chloe. Lois is back from wherever she disappered to in "Doomsday." And Clark takes a new approach to fighting crime in Metropolis. [Kryptonsite]



The computerized house S.A.R.A.H. tries to kill Andy, the new android replacement sheriff, then she apologizes: "I let my artificial emotions get the best of me." After Andy experiences a setback, Jack invites him to a party. But Andy says in a folksy manner, "I think I need to spend a little time in my box, you know, sortin' things out." [Salon]


The July 17 episode is called "Your Face Or Mine," and the next two episodes are "Insane In The P-Brane" and "It's Not Easy Being Green." [SpoilerTV]

Sheriff Andy's storyline wraps up in one episode, but he'll probably come back at some point. And the season finale deals with everything from fire to water to human evolution. And as we've mentioned, Jack will have a new love interest, Tess Fontaine, distracting him from Allison. Tess and Allison are old friends, but things get tense between them. The season three "big bad" isn't a person, it's a thing, and it relates to the history of the town. The threat means we'll be seeing some characters we haven't seen in a while, including Lexi Carter and Billy Campbell. Plus a couple of mystery characters. [Sci Fi Wire]



Don't expect Claire to try out for the college cheerleading squad: Hayden Panettiere says she's through wearing a cheerleader uniform. [TV Guide Magazine]


Human Target:

As you've probably heard, this TV series' version of Christopher Chance doesn't transform himself into other people — he's just very good at blending in and protecting his targets. And the pilot has a pretty simple storyline — it includes one outrageous "MacGyver moment" and the best fight scene ever. [Sci Fi Scoop]


True Blood:

It turns out Tara's new beau Eggs is too good to be true — he's got an old, old secret. When Tara finds out, she probably won't be that shocked, says Rutina Wesley. "With everything else going on in Louisiana, she'll probably be like, 'I like you, whatever...'" [TV Guide Magazine]


Maryann isn't a villain, says Michelle Forbes:

She is a woman who is all about appetite. She's not human. She has a definite myopic quest that she is on. And she is going to have one hell of a time achieving that quest. Maryann is definitely a character that's about perspective in the sense that she sees her goal as beautiful and blissful and of the divine and pure, so she doesn't consider what she is doing as being bad at all. It's quite a beautiful thing, and she's graciously allowing everyone to come with her.


[Boston Herald]

Additional reporting by Alexis Brown.


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