What's creepier than swimming alongside an aquatic snake? A mechanical aquatic snake

When the pending robopocalypse strikes, you may be tempted to seek refuge in the water. Don't do it — and watch this video to see why. It's the HiBot ACM-R5 robotic snake, a twirling and swirling amphibious machine developed by Japanese researchers. And what's just as remarkable (or is that horrifying?) is that it can maneuver itself on both land and in the water — leaving humans no place to hide.


From Hirose Fukishima Labs:

Illustration for article titled Whats creepier than swimming alongside an aquatic snake? A emmechanical/em aquatic snake

The control system of ACM-R5 is an advanced one. Each joint unit has CPU, battery, motors, so they can operate independently. Through communication lines each unit exchanges signals and automatically recognizes its number from the head, and how many units join the system. Thanks to this system operators can remove, add, and exchange units freely and they can operate ACM-R5 flexibly according to situations.


H/t Geekologie. Image via Hirose Fukishima Lab.

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Corpore Metal

So they have the proof of concept, I wonder what they'll use these things for? Water rescue assistants? Undersea salvage?