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Spider-Man's Aunt May not only hooked up with a shapeshifting alien Skrull pretending to be the Avengers' butler Jarvis — she's also pregnant with a half-Skrull baby! Or maybe not. Luckily, fake spoilers weren't all the Marvel editors and creators let slip during today's New York Comic-Con panels. They also teased some upcoming projects, both during and after the Secret Invasion story about the Skrulls impersonating the heroes (and villains) of the Marvel Universe. Find out how the Avengers will make you rich, and what classic hero may soon return.

  • Secret Invasion: Marvel showed a Secret Invasion preview video. Apparently the Skrulls have already infiltrated the entire United States of America. Plus, they've got Electra, Black Bolt, and Echo, and they're after eyepatch-wearing superspy Nick Fury. And formerly dead heroes Hawkeye and Mockingbird are on the previously unreleased cover for Secret Invasion #2, which comes out May 7.
  • Secret Invasion crossovers: Thor WILL be part of Secret Invasion, and his tie-in will be written by Matt Fraction. Also, Peter David is writing a She-Hulk/X-Factor/Secret Invasion crossover! And Secret Invasion will also hit the Cosmic Heroes in another crossover. And Brian Reed writes Spider-Man Brand New Day/Secret Invasion. Also, Secret Invasion: Humans launches in August, featuring a writer from Heroes and art by Tom Raney.
  • New developments with Spider-Man: the "lawsuit" storyline will be resolved in the Brand New Day special, coming soon. Also, you may want to re-read the end of the One More Day story, because there was a time lapse between Mary Jane kissed Peter and he woke up alone. Did something happen in between those two events? Also, Marvel editor-in-chief Joe Quesada said the only thing that changed as a result of One More Day was Peter and Mary Jane's wedding day. Everything else stayed the same. Also, Mark Waid will join the writing team on Amazing Spider-Man, and John Romita, Jr. will draw 6 issues.
  • New comics coming from Marvel: a new Deadpool comic, written by Daniel Way and feature art by Paco Medina, is coming in September. There'll be a new Avengers Initiative one-shot coming soon, written by Christos Gage and featuring Komodo and Hardball. Destroyer Max by Robert Kirkman and Craig Walker will be out in fall 2008. The NYX miniseries, about one of Wolverine's female counterparts, will return in September 2008. Also, editor Jim McCann says, "There are definite plans for Nick Fury — if he survives Secret Invasion."
  • The Avengers: Avengers Initiative #7 is apparently a huge puzzle piece — the story features a lot of clues for upcoming storylines, and the comic itself will be worth a lot of money in the future. Dan Slott guarantees it. So if you buy that comic and it doesn't appreciate massively in value, send your invoices to Dan Slott. And after Secret Invasion is over, the Taskmaster and the Initiative will be around a lot more — so we hope you like them.
  • Speedball: Quesada made a quick side comment about the return of Speedball, the formerly carefree hero who's now the guilt-ridden masochist Penance — and then did the shifty eyes. Could Speedball really be coming back?
  • Upcoming Hulk comics: Greg Pak's long-awaited Skaar: Son Of Hulk is coming in June, penciled by Ron Garney. It details the life of the savage son of Hulk, left behind on a war-torn planet. Penciled by Ron Garney, this will be released in June. Both Incredible Hercules and Hulk v. Hercules, are coming soon, featuring drawings by Bob Layton! And there are more Hercules projects on the way, but the editors refused to spill.

[New York Comic-Con]

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