What's Behind Pixar's Dinosaur Concept Art?

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An eagle-eyed fan noticed a strange image lurking in the background of a Pixar featurette: concept sculptures depicting a boy and a dinosaur. Does this mean Pixar is going prehistoric?


A reader at Upcoming Pixar who goes by the name Bryko614 spotted the framed picture hanging behind Pixar sculptor Greg Dykstra in a featurette for Up. It appears there is something to the images, because when Bryko614 tweeted Pixar artist Ronnie del Carmen, asking if he knew anything about the concept art, del Carmen replied:

@Bryko614 I do. But not telling. Nothing to do with anything Toy Story, tell you that.


Because the dinosaur doesn't seem to fit with Pixar's current slate of films (Cars 2, The Bear and the Bow, and Newt), many are speculating that the dinosaur might make an appearance in an upcoming short.

Sneak Peek at a New Pixar Production Featuring a Boy and His Dinosaur? [Upcoming Pixar via /Film]

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you have two pictures of a boy and one picture of a dino with a figure standing beside it - concept stuff like this very often has a generic figure to give a sense of scale...

that the images are collected on the same black backing suggests they are related, but no more than that.