What'll Be The Most Surprising Hit Movie Of The Summer?

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Out of a dozen or so scifi movies coming out this summer, only four of them are absolutely bulletproof, according to you, our readers. Ten of this summer's science fiction films are in danger of falling into obscure-cult-classic territory — or worse. But there's also an excellent chance that at least one underdog will become a smash hit that nobody could have predicted. Which movie do you think will be the most surprising hit of the summer?


Note: You're really kind of voting for two things here. Which of these movies will be the biggest hit, and the most surprising hit? I wouldn't personally be that surprised if Incredible Hulk does well, but I'm including it because many commenters yesterday saw it as having weak buzz. Meanwhile, I would be stunned if Babylon A.D. played to more than a handful of confused Babylon 5 fans, despite the awesome presence of Vin Diesel and Michelle Yeoh.


So what's the biggest sleeper hit of 2008?

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Boy I hadn't heard a peep about Babylon A.D. A little research later and now I'm pumped for it. Riddick, Yeoh, in an action oriented ripoff of Children of Men from the director of La Haine (and gothika i know), who isn't excited for that!? I mean aside from the general American public, who reading io9 right now isn't excited for it.