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Pity poor Rosario Dawson. Once the star of such hits as Sin City and, uh... Alexander (okay, she was also in Rent and Grindhouse), she's apparently fallen on hard times. How else, short of blackmail and/or losing a bet to someone, can you explain her presence in NBC's new web-only SF series Gemini Division?

The series - which will run on in 50 four-minute webisodes starting next month - doesn't have the most original set-up in the world. Short version: Dawson plays a detective investigating the death of her fiancee, only to discover that it leads to a shadowy conspiracy that involves genetically engineered terrorists called Simulants. What it lacks in newness, it's planning on making up for in cheapness, apparently:

Gemini Division will feature a mix of live action scenes and animation. The animation may be a low budget way of handling some of the action scenes and special effects.


Admit it: you can't wait already. But there's more - NBC is already planning to roll out an online game complete with "bonus scenes" based on the show as a way to further hook fans into sticking with it. I can't work out if that's confidence or desperation at this early point, but let's face it - It couldn't be any worse than Occult Crimes Taskforce.

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