Whatever Happened To One Of Game Of Thrones' Few Really Nice Characters?

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Game of Thrones has a huge, sprawling cast. So it’s not surprising that some characters get lost between the cracks of the narrative. Including one character who’s actually really lovable and amazingly nice. The other day, you came up with some hilarious ideas.


Spoilers ahead...

We’re talking, of course, about Gendry. The nice blacksmith and bastard son of King Robert, who nearly got sacrificed by Melisandre the Red Priestess. Whatever happened to Gendry.


Commenter Tommy Colorado asked in our Thrones recap:

Gendry is dead? I thought they just used some of his blood but he was let go? I don’t remember, clearly.

cgm77 responds:

He was let go by Davos. He is still rowing. It is my wish that every time they show people on boats Gendry nonchalantly rows by in the background. Like the scene with Tyrion and Jorah on the smoking sea, what is that in the background? Just Gendry. At hardhome, Oh no do the white walkers have a row boat? Nope, Just Gendry.


Adds Weetzie:

Years down the line, King’s Landing is in ruins, the North has been taken over by the White Walkers; everyone invested in the Game has perished. The screen fades to black. The audience watch, certain this will be the bleakest any show has finished.

Expecting the final credits to roll, the audience instead hear a gentle sound. Water. No, not just water - oars cutting through. Rowing. The camera slowly fades into view of a rocky little beach. A speck draws closer and closer until finally, a small rowboat comes to shore and a figure steps out. Older but still black-haired, with a gaunt face from lack of food and the most well-muscled arms the world has ever seen, the man looks around in mildly disgruntled confusion: Gendry has returned.


But what do you think ever happened to Gendry? Will we ever see him again?

And what are some other characters who just vanished — on Game of Thrones, or other series — and what do you figure ever happened to them?


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I thought it was canon that Gendry made it to the inn that Hot Pie is a baker at and now they opened up their own small blacksmith/bakery shop. But what’s this? A baby at the doorstep! Oh no, how will these two ever hope to raise a baby while paying rent to their crotchety, but lovable landlord!