What You Need To Know For Marvel's Siege

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The first issue of Marvel Comics' big event, Siege, hits stores this week, bringing to a close storylines that've been going on for the last few years. But if you've missed those stories, don't worry: We're here to help.


There's a lot to digest before you'll fully understand what's going on in Marvel's first big comic of the year, but that's exactly why we're here, to make sure you have the basics before diving right in. Everything you need to know can be found in the links below - including where you can read all the details for yourself. Don't say we never do anything for you!

Civil War
Captain America: From Death To Reborn
Iron Man: From Asshole To Reboot
Thor: From Ragnarok To Oklahoma
Dark Reign


Siege #1 is released in comic stores today.


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Chris Braak

I always had two problems with Civil War, I think.

The first is that, I don't get the "Government is trying to infringe on our liberties" angle. There's no constitutionally-protected right to put on a mask and kick a guy—vigilantism has always been a crime. Spider-man has kept his identity secret for so many years because he is, technically, a criminal. Did these guys not know this?

The other thing is that, for the most part, don't most Marvel heroes already have public identities? The Avengers have all been out for years, there's never been any question about who the X-Men really were, the Fantastic Four are already employed by the government, Dr. Strange is in the phone book for god's sake. Aren't Spider-Man and Daredevil the only two real costumed vigilantes around anymore?