What You Missed In This Week's Heroes

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If this week's episode of Heroes seemed a little light on psychic ex-cops to you, then you're to be praised on your finely-tuned edit detector, because "Villains" lost an entire Matt Parkman subplot before Monday's transmission. But that wasn't the only change between what was originally intended and what you saw on your screen, as executive producer Greg Beeman explains. Has NBC's tampering made our favorite superhero show that stars Milo Ventimiglia more watchable?Writing about "Villains" on his weekly blog, Beeman gave one possible reason why we've seen so little of this season's new villainous characters:

[T]his was supposed to be the episode where we explored the villains that we introduced in the season opener. Frankly this changed a little bit as the script went through studio notes. The first draft really featured the villains – and our main characters were the side stories. This shifted as the drafts went on to the version that we now see. Interestingly, there was a whole storyline that was dropped from the episode. There was a story that featured the character of Knox and his relationship with Matt Parkman. The story took place in L.A. and told how Knox was part of a gang and was trying to get out of that life. Matt was a cop who had busted Knox once and was trying to help him stay on the straight and narrow. As things progressed Knox realized he had the power of incredible strength whenever people around him were afraid. This caused him to turn away from Matt’s good guidance. It was a good story. But it was 9 minutes long. And, in the editing room, when Allan [Arkush, director] tried to fit it in – all the other stories became compromised. So the decision was made to just drop that one story altogether. It’ll be a great DVD extra someday.


Never mind the missing Parkman plot - It doesn't sound that impressive in the first place - but the dropping of that whole "this changed as we got notes from the studio" thing at the beginning is what caught our attention. Has the quick disappearance of Volume 3's eponymous villains been down to Universal and NBC stepping in and making demands, as opposed to creators who didn't know what to do with them? And if so, does this mean that we have NBC to thank for the (admittedly flawed) slow reboot that the show seems to be going through? Season 3 - Episode 8 [Beeman's Blog]

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Are there any non-haters of Heroes left here besides me? Cause I'm kinda getting tired of the "you and your opinions suck" comments.