What you missed in The Gates: A guy smelling Rhona Mitra's mouth, and nude werewolf wrestling

The Gates, ABC's entry into the fast-growing world of vampire television, was sorta fun. A few moments stood out, however: the whole "smelling Rhona Mitra's mouth" scene, and the naked werewolf action. Clips and spoilers below.

So yeah, The Gates wasn't a revolution in television brilliance, but as a bit of enjoyable fluff to watch after True Blood, it wasn't bad. A former top cop from Chicago who shot a guy and had to retire moves to a weird, exclusive gated community where everyone's a vampire, a werewolf or a witch. And the not-terribly-subtle message of the pilot is that Chicago Cop Guy faces the same challenges in his marriage and relationships that the vampires and werewolves do. Because he's a monster too, just like they are. Whoa. It's just that he's the type of monster known as "tough cop," and he can't change his nature, any more than the other monsters can.


Again I say, whoa.

But that's not what you're here for. You already witnessed the wonder of Rhona Mitra's husband smelling her mouth in the clip above (to determine whether she's sucked a guy's blood, which she has.) Now here's the scene, from the end of the episode, where one of the werewolves sees his sorta-ex-girlfriend talking to another guy, and wolfs out, only to have another werewolf pounce on him and wrestle him, naked to the ground:

(Oh, and lest you feel skeevy about staring at a naked werewolf who's supposedly in high school, the actor, Colton Haynes, was born in 1988 and is about to turn 22.)


And here's the other great werewolf scene, where those same werewolves discuss whether they should run together as a pack, while standing very close and staring into each other's eyes:

Anyway, it's not exactly Art, but it's fun, and maybe we'll keep watching it. What do you think?

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Wait, there are werewolves and witches in it too?

Blurgh, this is what I call 'Urban Fantasy Kitchen Sink Syndrome': not content with just having one mythological creature, a series (usually a book series) throws absolutely everything it can think of at the wall in a desperate bid to make it stick. Vampires, werewolves, witches, zombies, fairies, demons, they all apparently exist in some sort of underworld society that couldn't possibly function in real life - especially not if they're supposed to remain secret. It drives me up the wall, especially in book series' where special effects aren't an issue and the author can add as much crap as they want.

(The True Blood TV series gets a pass for being awesome and keeping vampires the main focus.)