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What Would You Rather Restore Than Buy New?

Illustration for article titled What Would You Rather Restore Than Buy New?

We live in a world of easily disposable objects. The difference between what we keep and what we throw into the garbage can be as small as a frayed cord or a broken switch. So what makes you decide to hold on to something and fix it instead of replacing it?


What things do you fix and what things do you simply buy new? And what makes you decide which one you'll do? Tell us about it in the comments. And then share any large restoration projects — whether you're rebuilding a classic car, hacking your leftover computer hardware into something great, refurbishing a beloved childhood toy, or simply refusing to let those small appliances you paid for go down without a fight — along with a picture or two of how you did it and your final results.

Image: Ropable.

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Corpore Metal

Pretty much everything.

But mostly at the moment? Furniture.

Seriously, buying new furniture is one of the most environmentally irresponsible things a consumer can do in the post industrial world.I go to work every day from my apartment and I see abandoned box frames, couches, chests of drawers and so on. People need to stop buying this stuff, they're only just going to abandon it.

Never buy new furniture, it only encourages them to make more.