What Would Seinfeld Be Like In A Post-Apocalyptic World?

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While the particular incidents that happened during Seinfeld's run are specific to its modern setting, the main characters would be petty and selfish in any situation. So what would the plot of a post-apocalyptic episode of Seinfeld look like?


That's the question that googledhowtobehuman posed to the r/AskReddit subreddit, and the replies are, as you might imagine, pretty darn funny. Here are a few of our favorites:

From mrfujidoesacid:

Jerry: What do you mean you've got a bomb shelter?

Kramer: Yeah, me and Bob Sackimano, we put one down in Long Island in 1989 after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Jerry: You're telling me you bought a bomb shelter after the Cold War was over?

Kramer: Of course! They were practically giving them away, Jerry!

From fappingjay:

The group is put into peril when the rifles supplied to Kramer by Bob Sacamano turn out to be movie props.

George has to break it off with his GF because she saved him from a zombie attack, and now he feels emasculated. "I can't take it, Jerry. Last night, we were in bed, and I was the little spoon! Its the big spoon or nothing. Theres no coming back from being the little spoon!"


From TheJoePilato:

Elaine: I know his marksmanship was keeping the horde at bay but he said the same thing every morning! "Rise and shine, time to survive." I couldn't take it anymore!

Jerry: So you got the group to shun him?

Elaine: It was obviously bothering other people or it wouldn't have been so easy!

Jerry: What does it even mean?

Elaine: I know!

[later in the episode, Elaine's group is pinned down by zeds and rescued by another group, led by You Know Who]

Elaine [looking at her former group leader]: Rise and shine?

Enjoy more post-apocalyptic Seinfeld at r/AskReddit, and if you wonder what Seinfeld might be like in the year 2014, check out the Seinfeld Today Twitter feed.

What would be a "Seinfeld" situation in a post apocalyptic world? [r/AskReddit]

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What's the deal with all these zombies? I mean come on! Finally someone wants me for my brains and they aren't even alive! Ahhh!