What Would People Be Most Surprised To Learn About Your Job?

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In every field of expertise, there's information that's common knowledge inside of the field and anything but to the rest of us. Today, we want to know about the information from (or about) your job that would most surprise people to learn.


Maybe you want to clear up some misconceptions about your job, or maybe you simply want to fill in some knowledge gaps that you've noticed from outside of your field. Maybe you want to give us a favorite insider tip about anything ranging from when to book your air travel or the best way to safely snack in the lab.

Whatever it is, enlighten the rest of us about it in the comments now.

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I'm a bridge engineer and most people have no idea just how bad the bridges are that their children's school buses drive over every day. They have no idea how roads and bridges get paid for. They have no idea just how little they pay in gas tax to make everything work. They have no idea how much better, faster, cleaner, safer, and less congested things could be with just a few more cents per gallon. And they have no idea what it feels like to watch a politician shoot-down or short-change the funding to upgrade roads, even after people get hurt on them.

People only know that they don't want to pay more for gas.