What would Nightwing have looked like in The Dark Knight Rises? [Spoilers]

The Dark Knight Rises added a slew of familiar Bat-faces to Christopher Nolan's film trilogy, but one character who didn't show up was Batman's sidekick Nightwing. That didn't deter custom action figure sculptor John Harmon, who's designed the acrobatic hero for Nolan's cinematic canon. Spoilers ahead.

Here's both Harmon's building process for this action figure and his fan fiction back story, which picks up right where The Dark Knight Rises ended:

John Blake modified a spare Batman suit for his liking, but wanted to wear as little of a mask as possible. Lucius Fox developed a pair of sonar goggles specially for Blake, modified from a pair of spy goggles worn by Selina Kyle. After some training and preparation, Blake took some of his old police night sticks, strapped them to his side, and fought to protect Gotham City from criminals as the vigilante hero, Nightwing! [...] He's made using the body of a Movie Masters Dark Knight Rises Batman, the head from a MM John Blake, the goggles from a MM Catwoman, and the belt, holster, and night sticks from a Marvel Legends movie Daredevil.


And if you absolutely must own this character from an unexplored corner of the Nolanverse, you can pick up Blakewing on eBay (he's currently going for approximately $140). Personally, I'm still of the camp that fighting crime in lime-green hot pants is a better way to terrify society's lawless element.

Via Mint Condition Customs. Hat tip to Nathan.


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