What would it take for video-game movies to become as cool as comic-book movies?

In the past decade or so, comic-book movies have achieved a credibility that still eludes video-game movies. But that may be about to change, according to a new article over at Forbes.


David Maisel, who was the head of Marvel Studios and helped Marvel to begin producing its own movies starting with Iron Man, is now working with Rovio, the game studio behind Angry Birds, to create an Angry Birds movie that involves the game's creators at every stage of the creative process. Meanwhile, Epic Games will be heavily involved in the Gears of War movie. And Lionsgate, which just optioned the movie rights to the new hit zombie game Dead Island, says the game's hugely popular trailer (see above) will serve as the film's primary creative inspiration.

So maybe we'll finally get some decent video-game movies, if Hollywood starts taking the source material more seriously and involving the original creators more. The whole article over at Forbes is worth checking out — including the sad fact that some directors of past video-game movies have actually boasted about never having played the games involved. [Forbes]

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