What Would Happen to Your City If It Got Nuked?

A new Google mashup reveals what kind of damage you could expect after a nuclear attack on your city, and highlights the effects of radiation spreading outward from the blast.

At BLDG BLOG, Geoff Manaugh talks about the history of "nuclear urbanism," calling this map mashup by CarlosLabs in Australia as its latest example. The mashup, called Ground Zero, is disturbingly simple: You can pick your city, then pick your weapon (anything from 1950s "Fat Man" to an asteroid collision), then hit the button that says "Nuke it!". Then the map blooms with flame and destruction. I chose to send an asteroid into my fair city of San Francisco, just to enjoy the destruction. Perfect distraction for 4:20 in the afternoon.


Ground Zero via BLDG BLOG

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