Would a Vulcan find the idea of the Force too illogical? Would all of those exhortations to "trust your feelings" cause some ruffled feathers? Or would a Vulcan be the Best Jedi Evar?

We asked over on the io9 Facebook page, and here are some of our favorite responses:

Says Rone Barton:

Vulcans have their mysticism and well understand the universal connection between all things. I could see a Vulcan Jedi... imagine the deadly light lirpas they'd employ.


James Floyd adds:

A Vulcan who was sensitive to the Force could easily become a Jedi. The Vulcan mindset of control over the emotions would lend itself easily to the Jedi Code that also stresses no emotional attachments. A Jedi's sense of selflessness fits well with "the needs of the many..."

Chris Turner protests:

Hear that? That's my mind 'ploding.

But Muhammad Bin Naveed objects:

He would never even start, because the concept itself, being empirically tough to prove, would be dismissed very early on in his life. And if he somehow stuck to it, he would definitely not see the world like a normal Vulcan, so logic might not be such a huge part of his life.


Paul Kellman thinks it's a good idea:

The idea that life could exert a force on the Universe isn't necessarily illogical, especially if we're talking Midicholorians, in which case the Vulcan would be totally down. After that, they'd be excellent. I mean could you imagine a story about a Vulcan Grey Jedi that goes around doing only what's logical for the balance of the Force?

There could be some compelling stuff in there.

Thomas Hagerman thinks it would be no problem:

As Jedi strive to deep levels of focus and mental discipline, Vulcans would make incredibly powerful Jedi. "Feeling" the force flow through you isn't an expression of emotion.


But Rob Cerio warns:

Pon Farr would cause any Vulcan that attempted to be a Jedi to go the dark side every seven years as they gave in to their base emotions, and once you choose the dark side it will forever dominate your destiny.

Eric Siry has a more practical consideration:

Never mind that, what if an orc became a Cenobite?! DISASTER!