What would Batman do if Gotham City passed the death penalty?

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Batman doesn't kill his enemies — that's like the bedrock of his heroism. Instead, he hands his foes over to the authorities, who lock them up in Arkham and Blackgate... until they escape again. But what would Batman do if Gotham City passed the death penalty and started executing his rogues gallery?


Especially, what if Gotham's death penalty included expedited process for certain high-risk prisoners? Would Batman feel okay about handing over the the Joker and the Penguin to the authorities, knowing they could be executed within a few weeks? Or would he feel as though this went against his "no killing" policy?

Update: Lots of people in comments have pointed out that the reason Gotham (or whatever state it's located in) doesn't execute the Joker and Two-Face is because they plead insanity successfully. So I guess the question is, what if the state where Gotham is located passed a new law, allowing certain classes of criminals to be executed, regardless of their mental health status? Would Batman hand over legally insane criminals, knowing they would be put to death?

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Regarding the Updated Prompt:

I think this brings up a new question worth pondering which is how many of Batman's enemies are actually insane to the degree that they actually should be immune from the death penalty because they aren't in full control of their faculties or cognizant of their behavior, and legitimately are unable to refrain from criminal activity?

And how many of them are just simply a-holes? They know right from wrong, have total control over their actions, but pretty much completely elect to engage in criminal/completely amoral behavior?

Cause for me, I think most of them consistently fall in the later category, and it's just plot contrivances which gets them thrown in Arkham as it's the famous receptacle for his enemies, and they sort of are deemed insane just by association.

My very simplified breakdown is :

Joker- Asshole. He does horrible and sadistic things, but he always does them consciously. He knows right from wrong, but just doesn't care.

Harley Quinn- Delusional.

Ventriloquist/Scarface- Delusional

Poison Ivy- Asshole

Ra's- Asshole

Killer Croc- Asshole

Bane- Asshole

Mister Freeze- Asshole with a sobstory.

Two-Face- Severe emotional and psychological problems that he has tried to quell repeatedly.

Penguin- Asshole

Riddler- Overwhelmed by his impulses and failed to reform despite a few attempts.