What Will The Marvel Universe Look Like 15 Years From Now?

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Today we learned that Marvel has a roadmap sketched out for its movies all the way up to 2028. But just what would that look like?


There's the possibility, of course, of reboots and re-castings for already introduced characters. But there also another road they could go down — plenty of movies featuring lesser-knowns, as suggested by commenter Aderyn:

I believe the timeline is spreading out that far, but more like a wishlist. If the Guardians of the Galaxy movie is a success, then they open the door for a lot of the more spacey-type Movies, the most obvious one being Nova. If Doctor Strange movie is a success, then they can get into the more mystical/magic type characters, Inhumans or Namor comes to mind. But if either of those flops, it might be awhile before those types of stories make it to the big screen. But the Marvel universe is huge, with a lot of B-list characters who could shine with the right director and screenwriter. Only time will tell.

What do you think, people? Tell us your suggestions in the comments for which characters you'd like to see get their own movies, along with your best fantasy casting suggestions.



I think it would be neat if they made it so the MCU continuity ages in nearly real time.

Like the Avengers movie of 2029 will actually acknowledge that nearly 20 years passed since the Avengers first formed, and the MCU ends up being a significantly unique continuity from the comics or what we have now.

Maybe we'll end up with a team that half grizzled current-Avengers and half grown up Young Avengers characters.