What will fine dining look like in the post-apocalypse? Photographer Henry Hargreaves has been photographing the "Armageddon menus" of various doomsday preppers — including those whose food choices are limited by their religions and medical conditions. Some look much more appetizing than others.


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Society is more resilient than we think. It's good to prep for a few weeks, yes. Where I live, the standard plan is 72 hours. Prep for years? Unless the fear is massive asteroid impact or magnetic pole shift with surface scorching from solar radiation, I'd guess that society as a larger group of connected nations and cultures will go on and eventually absorb those impacted by the smaller disasters. Individual societies may falter, but society as a human concept bounces back. So unless the surface is uninhabitable, I think people shouldn't worry quite as much as they do.

It's my opinion of course, but hey, if it is an asteroid, I plan to be on my roof and enjoying the show. I may be biased.