What went wrong with Caprica?

Producer David Eick promised we'd know the fate of Battlestar Galactica prequel Caprica by August 15, but there's been no word. Is the show doomed? We hope not. But it hasn't gotten BSG-level ratings. What do you think went wrong?

We love Caprica, for its complex characters, its tough questions about the nature of consciousness and our relationship with technology, and for its weird, intense world of New Cap City. As we wrote back in February, it's quickly becoming the best show on television. So we wish we could be more optimistic about its future.


At San Diego Comic Con's Caprica roundtables, Eick told us that we would know the fate of Caprica "by August 15 or before." Because the stars' contracts would be up by that date, among other reasons, Syfy would have to decide by mid-August whether to pull the trigger on a second season of Caprica. (The second half of the first season, season 1.5, was filmed ages ago, but won't air until next January.) Here's the video of Eick saying this, via MediaBlvd:

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Syfy, of course, put a huge press release yesterday announcing that it had ordered a fifth season of Eureka. But still no word on Caprica, even though the deadline to make a decision has come and gone. We still hope they've ordered more episodes and are just waiting for the right time to announce it, but even if that's the case, it's hard to deny that Caprica failed to make as big a splash as we'd hoped, based on the show's high quality. The show was hovering around a million viewers per episode, or about half the ratings that the (probably much cheaper) Haven is currently getting on Friday nights.

What do you think went wrong with Caprica?


Top image via Slant magazine.

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