What We Do In The Shadows Trailer Makes Us Miss Vampires, No Really

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Before you swear off all vampire movies and shows forever, we urge you to check out the latest trailer for What We Do In the Shadows, because it's hilarious. Plus it stars Jemaine Clement, who is excellent.


The movie is a mockumentary look at the lives of vampires. Just about every joke we're seen thus far has been hilarious (especially the run-in with werewolves). Taika Waititi (Eagle and Shark) co-wrote and co-directed the feature. I just want this to come out already in theaters. It's making great rounds on the festival circuit, but we'd love for more of the public to see this flick.

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Stupid Sundance Film Festival. They always get me really excited about movies, and they can take over a year to come out - been looking forward to this for 11 months now