Our look at Pluto has been 85 years in the making—and this is what it meant to us.


Our comment of the day today is this little bit of warmth from Straelbora“My three year old son will always know that Pluto is a pinkish-red color. For some reason, that fact is very cool to me. One generation’s ‘wow’ is simply mundane for the next”—but it’s also all the amazement, wonder, and delight you’ve shared with us this week.

This past week, we’ve been getting up early and staying up late to debate with each other other over questions like just what does the ice up there feel like and how old its surface really is; adjusting our collective sleep cycles to Pluto time, as we watched the most mysterious body in our solar system suddenly burst into focus.


It’s been beautiful, of course. But even more than that, it’s been surprising: a chance to be genuinely knocked aback by something at once both deeply familiar and wonderfully alien. It’s a rare thing in science to be able to watch the whole process of a fact being born—from the initial wonderment of discovery to its base level acceptance—and we’ve been so glad to have you right there alongside us as we did.

Image: 85 years of Pluto pictures / NASA

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