Oh, Saturday Night Live. You saw fit to give us not one but two space-themed sketches during last night's episode, including one that referenced the NASA shutdown. Unfortunately, they were both terrible.

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Apologies to folks in non-Hulu regions.

Combining Gravity with the NASA furlough was promising, and could have made for a really smart, politically minded sketch. Unfortunately, we just get a pair of stranded astronauts shouting at the wisecracking janitorial staff. What a missed opportunity.

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Given that it's 2013, I figured that if we're still making Armageddon jokes, that at least this would also be about the NASA shutdown. (Although the NASA near-Earth object surveys continue to operate.) Alas, this was just a venue for Bobby Moynihan's "kitty cat" character. Moynihan is a pretty hilarious dude (His "farter" face in the most recent Tina Fey-hosted episode won my heart), and this riff has some genuinely funny parts, but there was so much more they could have done here.

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