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What Was The Most Tragic Disappointment of 2015?

Illustration for article titled What Was The Most Tragic Disappointment of 2015?

This was a pretty good year for pop culture, but there were some terrible misfires along the way. Including some stuff that we’d all had high hopes for. But what was the biggest pop-culture letdown of the year for you?


Please include a picture, poster, clip, book cover, comics panel or other illustration for your chosen pop culture disappointment. And please mention the name of this tragically unsatisfying item. Thanks!

Top image: Jurassic World. Mostly because director Colin Trevorrow had knocked our socks off with Safety Not Guaranteed, we had sky-high hopes for this one. And unlike Fantastic Four, which was also helmed by the director of the similarly awesome Chronicle, we hadn’t heard as many danger signs about Jurassic. But the Jurassic Park sequel, though not one of the year’s worst films, was still not what we were hoping for at all.


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There’s probably an interesting case study to be done in The Force Awakens vs. Jurassic World, regarding how to and how not to reboot a franchise.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little nervous about Trevorrow helming Episode IX.

All that said, I think the biggest disappointment, given the hype and the people involved, was ....