Several screenings of Wonder Woman included this mysterious trailer. Image: YouTube
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Lots of people saw Wonder Woman this weekend, which means lots of people saw a very mysterious trailer that played in front of it. The trailer had some dialogue, the words “Ever Wonder?”, a woman dressed as a superhero, and a URL. So, what was it?

Well, if you didn’t see it (apparently the trailer was in front of many, but not all, prints of Wonder Woman), here’s the trailer in question.

This is an early teaser trailer for Professor Marston and the Wonder Women, a new biopic about the man who created Wonder Woman, Dr. William Moulton Marston. Luke Evans plays Marston alongside Rebecca Hall and Bella Heathcote, who play Elizabeth Holloway Marston and Olive Byrne respectively. Elizabeth and William were married, Olive was part of the couple’s relationship, and all three had a role in creating the iconic character. Now you can begin to see why this is a movie—and why it’s being advertised alongside Wonder Woman.


The URL at the end of the teaser brings you to a pretty cool, but sparse, page with comic versions of the characters and some audio from the film. Here’s the link and a screengrab.

Professor Marston and the Wonder Women, directed by Angela Robinson, is scheduled to come out later this year, but doesn’t have a release date.



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