What was in the Dharma Initiative Boxes in Lisbon?

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To celebrate the premiere of Lost Season 4 in Europe, Portugese guerrilla marketing firm Torke collaborated with Fox to drop Dharma Initiatives boxes onto the streets of Lisbon. A couple of blogs mentioned this yesterday, but nobody has revealed what's in them. What could be in it? A polar bear? Walt? (Maybe Walt.) Boxes of Dharma coke and Dharma cereal? We don't know for sure, but Lost fans in Lisbon were psyched to see artifacts from their favorite TV show appear on their doorsteps in real life.

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Greetings, long time lurker, first time commenter. I've been snipping IO9 at work for quite some time, but since im from Lisbon, I just had to come and sya something about this.

It was quite amusing, have never seen a single episode of Lost (I think I maybe missing out on something good, but my friends who see it say they are stretching it a bit...) and being a BSG man myself, I have to make some tuff choices to what I watch and dont watch.

I did read about this stunt, saw some pics but didnt really went and took a look at what was inside the boxes, sadly... just like the series, tough, ill bet if it was something really really cool, the episode would end and we would have to wait another week to figure out what was inside it... or get even more questions about the boxes contents...

v ^_^