​What was 2013's technology of the year?

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2013, your end is in sight, and it's time to start taking stock of the last twelve months. Today, we want your pick for the discovery, tech, or invention of the year.

Maybe you'll choose something that was invented or discovered just this year. Or perhaps something that became widely available or whose usage finally took off. Or you could take a historical look and tell us what invention future generations will call the one that defines the year.

Make your call and then tell us in the comments just why your pick deserves to be 2013's tech of the year.


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Chromecast. Bar none.

Now here's my reasoning why, it is a device that will bridges the gap between computers, smartphones and tablets and television. I doubt there are many people who don't have one of the former and the latter. Sending things from one of the previous three to the latter has always been more difficult than was necessary, especially for the non-tinkering or the tech clueless crowd. Chromecast just attaches to your TV and using an app and one button click you can send anything and everything to it. (With more access opening up daily and even more in 2014.)

Add to that the fact that it cost only $35 and you've got something that can disrupt television viewing as we've known it. Throw in a $10/month Netflix subscription and a $7.99 (early adopter pricing) or $9.99 (late/current adopter pricing) Google Play All Access Music subscription and you've got something that can truly allow people to cut the cord (almost) entirely from traditional media viewing/listening.

It's so easy to figure out and use that even my tech clueless mom and my tech clueless and destroying boss can and do use it. Pretty much says all you need to know right there. Also, it was Time's number one choice for gadget of the year. : )