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What video game would make a fantastic movie?

Illustration for article titled What video game would make a fantastic movie?

We would trade many of the films out today for one epic video game movie adaptation. There are so many amazing stories waiting to be retold on the big screen sitting in bargain bins at Best Buy. So many—but which video game would make the greatest movie?


Personally, I would love to see The Force Unleashed (the FIRST not the crappy second) with the original cast on the big screen even more than Halo and Uncharted (but maybe not more than BioShock). Starkiller was a great character and the planets and locations he visits could look pretty fantastic on film. Plus we'd get to see Vader just destroy Kashyyyk and all the Wookies, among many other super-bloody battles. Also let's not forget witnessing Starkiller use the Force to yank a Star Destroyer right out of the sky!

What do you think? Which video game would make the best movie? Please illustrate your pitch with concept art of awesomeness.

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