What Utopian Scenario Will Totally Come True Soon?

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Everybody's sick of dystopian futures and bleak predictions. Whatever happened to science fiction's tradition of sunny optimism and can-do cheerfulness? Just because our population is exploding, our consumer economy is dependent on the waning availability of cheap oil and our oceans are dying, is no reason to be negative. Click through to vote for your favorite scenario in which everything is going to work out totally okey dokey. Hunky dory, even.



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Chris Braak

@deckard97: Sure, but compare that to 30,000 years ago, when the Second Systemic Collapse Event resulted in the annihilation of the highly-advanced, utopian Neanderthal society, as well as the loss of millions of years of technological advancements.

Seriously—we had to rediscover peanut butter.