Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.  

Michael Bay teases Transformers 2's sexiest moment. Russell T. Davies reveals Doctor Who's last companion of 2009. And there are filthy, major spoilers from Dollhouse, Lost, Smallville, Fringe, Heroes, Supernatural and Stargate Universe.

Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen:

Michael Bay revealed a few snippets. Like, there's no car chase in this movie. And it has lots of different types of action instead of just the same type over and over. And Devastator will be in Imax, the first time digital effects have been produced on Imax film. Also filmed in Imax? An opening shot featuring Megan Fox that will rival the first movie's sexy hood-opening shot. [Transformers Movie Chronicles]


Meanwhile, writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman explain that a big goal in the movie was to show how the government and sentient robots would interact, and would maintain secrecy. [TLAMB]


Paul Ballard's neighbor, Mellie, will be getting back from her long trip out of town soon... only to be met by an increasingly (and rightfully) suspicious Paul. [TV Guide]


Doctor Who:

Producer Russell T. Davies appeared on Breakfast and talked about upcoming episodes. Apparently the next episode airs in November sometime, and then the huge two-part finale at the end of the year. And Wilf (Bernard Cribbins) is the official companion in the final two-parter, which is major cause for rejoicing.

And there are some set videos from the filming at Donna's house. The Doctor, Sylvia and Wilf sneak out the back door, probably right before the Doctor and Wilf get in the TARDIS. Also, Sylvia looks up at the sky while extras run around screaming, and someone shouts "Donna!" And in another scene, there's a big close-up on Sylvia, who's half-happy, half-crying. The extras in the background are hugging each other. And then finally, a scene where Sylvia and an unidentified man are standing in the street looking up at the upstairs windows of her house. [Planet Gallifrey, videos by Ahremsee]



Sawyer and Kate won't be getting together this year, but Skaters should like what they see in season six. Also, next year's theme, producer Eddie Kitsis says, maybe jokingly, is "Free to be you and me. Do what you feel." And neither Jack nor Sayid is dying this year. [E! Online]

In related news, there'll be more of Juliet and Sawyer "playing house" before this season is over, as well as some smooching. Jack, meanwhile, will become even more unlikable. [TV Guide]


Here are some sneak peeks from tonight's episode:

And the Canadian trailer:


Clark won't actually fly this season, but there will be a "leap" that goes beyond tall buildings. [E! Online]



In the next few episodes, we'll learn more about Olivia's powers and where they came from. (I haven't seen last night's episode yet.) Meanwhile, William Bell will pop up a couple of times between now and the season finale. In the final episode, we'll be getting more of a glimpse of the Observers' function. [E! Online]

Here's a new synopsis for the next two episodes, "Unleashed" and "Bad Dreams":

Unleashed: An animal-rights organization's rescue mission at a laboratory backfires when it releases a vicious beast, almost mythological in appearance with a lion's body and eagle's talons, and Charlie is in danger of being its latest victim.

Bad Dreams: An actual suicide at New York City's Grand Central station is witnessed by Olivia—-in Boston—-in a dream, kicking off a baffling series of nightmares that may be linked to the ZFT manifesto, the drug Cortexiphan and her own childhood


[TV Guide]

In an upcoming episiode, we learn more about Agent Sanford Harris, what side he's on and what his motivations are. [TV Guide]

An upcoming episode deals with the "Sliding Doors" principle of what would have happened if you'd made other choices, says John Noble. When we find out the reasons for Peter's health concern, we'll understand why Walter is so desperately attached to him and concerned about him. Peter isn't a clone, exactly, but there is a doppelganger thing happening there. Sort of. [TV Guide]



Tim Kring says it's possible that someone dies in an interesting way in an upcoming episode... or maybe not. You never know. Either way, it'll be shocking. And it all leads up to a new webseries called "Nowhere Man," starring Doyle, the puppetmaster. [Heroes The Series]

Producers Aron Coliete and Joe Pokaski answer fan questions again. In a couple of weeks, Matt is face to face with Janice. Meanwhile, we've already seen everything Baby Matt can do. And Baby Matt cannot raise the dead or create a zombie army. They hint that the painting Matt saw of nuked D.C. could still come true.


Also, season four will be a "good mix" of old and new characters. [Comic Book Resources]

Daphne really is dead, but we may see her again in flashbacks. [TV Guide]


If you think you have Sam and Dean all figured out, their reactions to meeting a third Winchester brother may surprise you. [TV Guide]


Stargate Universe:

Star Robert Carlyle teases what to expect from this latest spinoff:

In the first three hours [of the first episode] there are three deaths. By episode six, there is a suicide, so people are really struggling up there. Of the first six episodes, the first three are all in one [story] called "Air." The next one is called 'Fire,' the next one is called 'Earth,' and the next one is called 'Water.' What makes this different from the previous Stargate franchise pieces is that it's a lot darker.


[E! Online]


Amanda Tapping talks about what's next on her show:

We ended with a bit of a cliffhanger at the end of the first season, and this first part of this season is really dark. It's darker and edgier, and we're dealing with a force that could potentially destroy Sanctuary, so there's a huge edge to it. I think we'll see a lot more of the dark, angry side of [my character] Helen Magnus in the first part of the season.


Also, Robin Dunne says the two-hour season opener has some heavy stuff, and the adhesive that holds them all together, their belief, gets "rattled." [E! Online]