Which TV series from today will stand the test of time?

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We're living through a pretty great age for television right now, but of all that really great TV, probably only a few series will ever be watched by future generations. Today, we want to know which ones those will be.


Shows like Star Trek: TOS and The Twilight Zone still draw in viewers about 50 years after their original airdates, and we're wondering which current shows will do the same. Tell us in the comments (with a picture or a clip, too, please) which TV shows you think people 50 years from now will still be queuing up in their holographic DVD players.

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Think back to popular TV series of the past and how nobody really watches them any more: M*A*S*H, Miami Vice, LOST. When something is popular, or even "cult popular" (like Breaking Bad), everyone watches them at once and talks about them at the water cooler, but they don't really have a long shelf life where people continue to enjoy them.

On the other hand, it's the series that were less popular in their day (such as Star Trek or Firefly) that keep being rediscovered by new generations of fans, keeping them on the radar for much longer than you would think. Fringe definitely will fall into that category.