What To Watch When Television Lets You Down

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Bored and sick of the lack of good SF television right now? Don't worry! YouTube wants to take care of you, with many classic - and not so classic - SF shows available right now for your viewing pleasure.


If you're sick of your family already, there's an interesting collection of old sci-fi shows available on YouTube to help distract you and tide you over until all your favorite shows come back to television. Amongst them, the original 1980s version of The Day Of The Triffids, the television spin-off of Highlander and our favorite, the cartoon version of The Big Guy and Rusty The Boy Robot, AKA "The last good thing Frank Miller ever did."

There's also the BBC's live remake of The Quatermass Experiment from a few years ago, original Outer Limits episodes and three episodes of Gatchaman for the anime fans amongst you.


It's an odd list of hidden gems, but that doesn't stop us from making plans to overload on them before 2010. Go see the full list for yourself here

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Chip Overclock®

The original OUTER LIMITS had a lot of great episodes (some of which scared the crap out of a young Master Overclock when they first ran). But best of all was the totally awesome scores by Dominic Frontiere.