Saturday's Chuck panel at Comic-Con was full of hints about what to expect as the show heads into its second season, and if you were hoping for more action, more Nerd Herd and much more Awesome, then it looks like you're in luck when NBC's accidental supercomputer/human hybrid returns this fall.

Even though creator Josh Schwartz called the second season's first episode "like a new pilot for us," the show isn't looking to recreate itself when it comes back to screens; the new season will follow through on plot threads left over from the show's first season, cut short by the writers' strike, including Casey having to choose between his duty and his relationship with Chuck, the struggle for assistant managerdom of the Buy More and even a return by secret agent man Bryce "at the most opportune time."


Not that the series will just be resting on its laurels: New characters being added will include Chuck's long-lost love Jill (to be played by The Fast And The Furious' Jordana Brewster), new Nerd Herder Emmitt, and - most excitingly of all - Captain Awesome's parents, the Awesomes. Other guest stars will include former Julie Cooper Melinda Clarke, Sin City's Michael Clarke Duncan and - as we've already reported - tragic celebrity's Nicole Ritchie.

In terms of plot, we can expect to see Chuck get the chance of a normal life when a new Intersec is created, the CIA have to make Chuck into a faux Bill Gates in order to impress a girl and, in a plot that may or may not be a joke, Chuck's boss Big Mike to fall in love with Morgan's mother. Apparently, you can take the showrunner out of The OC, but you can't take The OC out of the showrunner.

Chuck returns September 29th.

[The Futon Critic]


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