What To Do If You Find A Baby Avian Dinosaur Out Of Its Nest

Spring has sprung, which means that baby birds will soon be shoving their way out of their eggs and entering the big, bright, scary world. And some of those infant chicks will fall out of their nests, or be shoved out by their obnoxious siblings, or be rejected by their parents. What should you do if you happen upon a tiny adorable baby bird outside of its nest?


Step 2: Refer to this handy comic drawn by one of our favorite internet webcomic illustrators Rosemary Mosco of Bird and Moon.

What to do if you find a wee baby dromaeosaurus out of its nest

Your definitive guide to all things pertaining to displaced baby birds. And dromaeosaurs.

We're happy Bird and Moon cartoonist Rosemary Mosco was specific enough to call a dromaeosaur a dromaeosaur, and not simply a "dinosaur." Birds, after all, are dinosaurs. (Some of them, in fact, are rather savage.)