What Thor Will We See In The Movie?

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What version of Marvel's Norse God superhero are we going to see in the movie version of Thor? From out of nowhere, a rumor comes that it's not the one we've all been expecting. Spoilers?


Ain't It Cool offers this surprising tidbit:

[W]e contacted a 100% tested and solid source, someone intimately familiar with the movie Kenneth Branagh is making, and he or she tells AICN [Thor's comic book alter ego] Donald Blake is definitely NOT in the movie.

Stay tuned.

To which we say: Wait, what? Our first reaction is, that has to be wrong. For one thing, we know that Natalie Portman has been cast as Jane Foster, who's long been Donald Blake's love interest in the comics. For another, Variety has described the movie as

center[ing] on a partly disabled med student who discovers his Norse god alter ego, the hammer-swinging Thor.


If that doesn't describe Donald Blake - who, admittedly, was a partially disabled doctor, not a med student, in the original comics - then we have no idea what it's meant to describe. But if AICN's source isn't wrong, then are we to look forward to a movie Thor similar to, but not, either the regular or Ultimate universe Thors? Stay tuned, indeed.

Will Alter-Ego Donald Blake Be In Thor Or Not?? [Ain't It Cool]

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What Thor Will See In The Movie?

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