What the Recession Did to 255 Different Industries, in One Chart

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The Recession hit hard, but unevenly, taking out some industries almost completely, while some prospered. Here's a chart looking at the impact of the Recession on 255 different industries — and how well they recovered, if at all.


Jeremy Ashkenas and Alicia Parlapiano over at The Upshot put together this chart using data on the total number of jobs each industry had over the past 10 years — covering the periods before, during, and, critically, after the Recession. You can check out the full chart, which is interactive, right here.

Is your industry represented on the chart? Tell us how your industry has fared, whether it reached recovery, and what you think the outlook for the future is.



It says veterinary services has "recovered and grown," which I and my colleagues have certainly NOT observed. Although their markers are average salary and number of jobs. The average salary makes zero sense - $44k?! They must be averaging out every position - doctors, techs, and receptionists. Few doctors make that little and few support staff make that much. We've had to pay techs more because of inflation and an increase in number of registered techs who want and deserve more money. There has also been a proliferation of specialists who make a lot more money than the rest of us and might be dragging the average up because there's more of them. For the more typical doctor, salaries have been flat. More jobs? People are starting their own clinics because they're having trouble finding jobs, so that creates more jobs for techs and receptionists, but those clinics aren't necessarily doing well. Unless they're very cheap - then they're super busy but still not making much money. The amount of business and the money people are willing to spend has been stagnant. An industry study showed a very weak recovery, and overall visits are down. I have to wonder how much nuance that chart is missing for other industries.