At io9, we love wild theories about movies and TV shows based on actor hair length (just look at our shockingly extensive coverage of Jon Snow’s locks). So when Daisy Ridley reveals that she has to hide her Episode VIII hairstyle for spoilers’ sake, even while she’s just working out, you can be damn well sure we pay attention.


Earlier today Ridley posted a video of her mid-workout for the movie to Instagram, noting that she had to go through the rather ungainly process of wrapping a pillowcase around her head before filming... to avoid “spoiling” her Episode VIII hairstyle.

We live in a pretty ridiculous world where this has to be a thing, but why not speculate wildly about it anyway? Judging by the way the pillowcase is shaped, it doesn’t seem like there’s actually much different from Ridley’s Force Awakens hairstyle, composed of three hair buns in a column running down the back of her head. But why would she have to hide a hairstyle millions of people have already seen if that was the case?

There have been rumors—because of course there has—that Rey actually wears her hair down in the sequel. Here’s an artist’s impression based on a report on Rey and Luke’s appearance in the film ran by Making Star Wars back in April:


Different, sure, but even then not something crazy enough that Ridley would have to hide it. Maybe we just do live in such an absurd world that a slightly different hairstyle would have people up in arms at the spoiler-ness of it all, their moviegoing experience ruined by differently arranged follicles.

Do you have a wild theory about Rey’s hair? Let us know in the comments below, and please keep discussing it for the next year and a bit before Episode VIII comes out. We’re in this madness for the long haul, apparently.