What the hell is going on in Katy Perry's new Music Video?

Ever wanted to go to a neon rave, in a totally inaccurate representation of ancient Egypt? You are in luck — Katy Perry just released her music video for "Dark Horse." It's... well you just need to watch it, because I'm struggling to come up with the words to describe this kaleidoscope of crazy.

Why was she telling that dog to GTFO? Are people turning into sand or objects, or both? Where does she get those marvelous wigs? Is that a light-up, head piece that changes to her mood? I just have too many questions. Please help me.


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After Perry's black magic ritual at the Grammy's this is clearly yet another symbolism laden video meant to influence young minds and help further the nefarious agenda of the Illuminati.

As you can see, from the still image of the video up top, a still that was carefully chosen I might add, the Eye of Horus is prominently displayed. This is in fact the same symbol that the Freemasons called the Eye of Providence which appears on the back of the one dollar bill...

...as the crowning top of an Egyptian pyramid.

The phrase at the bottom in Latin means, new order for the ages, which clearly implies the hideous truth that Project Monarch programmed, bubble-gum pop stars will undermine the morals of the youth, turning them away from Christ, and seducing them with the wicked Luciferian practices of rainbow parties, buttchugging, and sexting.