What supernatural being will appear next season on True Blood?

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Each new season of True Blood heaps more supernatural weirdness upon the unsuspecting residents of Bon Temps. What new creature will make its Dixie-fried debut in the HBO series' fourth season? Series creator Alan Ball recently dropped major spoilers.

In an interview with MTV's Hollywood Crush at Comic-Con, Ball revealed that witches would make an appearance next season. Their debut in Season 4 mirrors their appearance in Charlaine Harris' fourth Southern Vampire Mystery, Dead to the World. True Blood has been using Harris' books as a template, but the show isn't afraid to diverge from her stories (see: Lafayette). Here's what Ball had to say:

I feel the more supernatural creatures we can get in there, the more interesting the world is [...] If it's just about vampires, then, OK, alright. But if you've got vampires and shifters and werewolves, you know, whatever Sookie turns out to be. [...] In season four there will be witches and some of the characters we've known all along will have powers that maybe they didn't even know about. That's where it gets fun storytelling-wise because you have so many doors to open.


Damn. This totally debunks my theory that the Skunk Ape would premiere in Season 4.

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I am still unhappy about tracksuit vampires.