Henry Cavill has some huge boots to fill as the new Clark Kent. So what source materials is he reading to prepare to star in Zack Snyder's reboot The Man Of Steel?


Cavill told us which classic Superman comics are helping to inspire his portrayal of Kal-El. And we talked a little about The Immortals as well.

Lots and lots of terrible, horrible things happen to your character in Immortals. Could you share a few of those with us?


Could I share a few? The most important is his Mother's death. Not just her death, but the bad guy cuts her throat right in front of him and that's pretty tough to deal with, and that is the one thing, which I think affects him throughout.

And the bad guy is Mickey, right? And how bad is he? What's it like working with him when he's full villain?

Ah great, great. I mean he's a great actor. Does his stuff and we do our stuff.

Does he do a lot of improv with you?

A lot of improv? We were pretty free to do whatever we wanted to do on set, and so there was a bit of improv here and otherwise we're fairly straight line to the script.


So let's talk about your character and the situation that he's put in. Is he forced into this situation or is it just the way the fates fall?

He's not forced to do anything. The whole point being is that he's been selected and trained exclusively so he has a choice in the end. And although his want for revenge is forced upon him, his choices after the fact are entirely up to him.


How is your Clark Kent coming along?

Coming along very well, thank you.

What comic books did you read to prepare for this character? For Superman?

I read as much as I possibly could, so yeah, I mean I just got the DC Comics app, downloaded as much as I could, got as many of the comic books sent to me in the mail as I could, and just immersed myself in the character as much as possible.


Were there any few authors that you loved the best?

You're going to catch me out on the authors, I'm afraid. I did love Superman: DoomsdayThe Death of Superman, Superman Returns, The New Krypton Saga especially, Red Son. Red Son was cool because it had the alternate story line. A lot of them I love, but recently, the one I read most recently was The New Krypton Saga, and I really enjoyed that.


And there you have it folks, let the script tie-in speculations fly. Also, notice the newly dyed locks? He's starting to look more and more like America's favorite boy scout.

Additional reporting by Jonathan Wilkins. Image from Comic Book Movie commenter TheGODDAMNSUPERGUY


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