What Superhero Is Making His First On Screen Appearance In Iron Man 2?

Last week we showed you the first clip from Iron Man 2. And now hawk-eyed fans have spotted what might be another one of Marvel's infamous cameos. Also, there are new and disturbing-looking Iron Man 2 toys.


If you go back and watch the new clip, right around 1:18 there's an inmate getting his mugshot taken. It looks a little something like this....

According to CinemaBlend, that right there, is Thor. We can't really tell if that's Thor actor Chris Hemsworth or not, but the camera certainly does intentionally pan right over to that action. Plus Marvel loves inserting little Easter Eggs here and there for fans, so why not?

In other Iron Man news, brand new images of Iron Man 2 toys have come out, and boy aren't they, um, interesting? Nick Fury is wearing his Dad's coat, the Black Widow's is missing some ribs, and oh Whiplash, what have they done to you? These are totally from the island of misfit comic-book toys, which makes me want them even more.


Check out the rest of the toys over at Pop Eater.

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