Sometimes, it takes decades or longer for something to be recognized as a timeless, vitally important artwork. Great art stands the test of time after all. But sometimes, you see something and just know immediately that it's a great life-changing artwork. Which science fiction or fantasy story did you recognize as "greatart" right away?

Please include a picture, clip, book cover, poster, comics panel or other representation for your chosen artwork. We're deliberately not defining "art" here, but leaving it with some vague notion of "something that has artistic merit and craftspersonship, along with a set of ideas or storytelling elements that could have a profound, challenging impact on people who consume it." So along with the title and author/creator, please make a case for why your chosen work is Art. And please refrain from being excessively mean about what other people consider Art.


Top image: The Black Mirror, Charlie Brooker's futuristic social satire. That image comes from the political/social media story "The Waldo Moment," but really any episode of Black Mirror would do it. That show is subversive in the best way, but also requires you to think about it for a long time, and resists easy explanation. It's also incredibly upsetting and yet often quite moving and strange.